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Vacation: The Aftermath

I’ve spent the last two weeks on vacation with my family. The first week, we spent a wonderful week in Ocean View, DE. No, I don’t believe it’s possible to over consume crabs, ice cream, or beer when enjoying the leisurely, lazy pace of the beach. The girls had a chance to swim to their hearts’ content and I attempted to catch up on my reading (more on that later). My husband had the misfortune of spending a portion of each day tethered to his laptop and participating on conference calls for work. He and I are both contracts folk by trade, so his musings and rants were related to a topic with which I’m intimately familiar. The problem, at least as I see it, is that he works with people incapable or unwilling to think for themselves – perhaps I’m just grumpy, but it is called vacation for a reason.

The second week was spent with my husband’s family in a national park in Tennessee. We stayed in a very nice cabin, complete with reasonably comfortable beds, central air conditioning, and even cable TV. The family enjoyed kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and the wildlife. While we all enjoyed ourselves, I came to realize that the old saying about fish and visitors smelling after three days certainly held true for relatives as well. Now, we’re back at home, and the full weight of catching up on emails, getting children ready for school, and returning to life as normal is setting in.

And about that reading. As summer began, I had a plan to work my way through several books. A little business, a little fiction, and a dash of history thrown in. Now, as I look at another two weeks before school starts, I have nothing to show in the way of books completed. How did that happen? So now, the fall planning begins. My businesses, and my craft as an editor and writer, are fueled in part by the books I read. What new books are you excited to read? Are there old ones that you return to frequently for inspiration?